….Tiamtin Co., Ltd. is your answer if you want to buy high quality new or used heavy equipment.

      Tiamtin Co. Ltd. is the dealer of KOMATSU Heavy Equipments and Forklift in Nakhonrachasima province. Tiamtin Co., Ltd was established in 1998 and has grown into one of the respected names in heavy equipment trader, with the largest inventory of major brands of used heavy equipment.

      Starting from large construction business, that owned many major brands of heavy equipments, this have made Tiamtin Co. Ltd. becomes an expert in managing and maintaining of heavy equipments. Including with experienced in heavy equipment maintenancing for construction business. This strength leads Tiamtin Co., Ltd to be one of KOMATSU Heavy Equipments dealer. For more than 8 years, our customers both in Thailands and neighbour countries have trusted us in providing them with the machines and supporting service that they need to meet their goals.

      In 2003, with our experts Service Teams and the trust of our customers, we've become a Top Sales Dealer for KOMATSU Heavy Equipment in Thailand.

We are working with the following categories of machines:**
      • Excavator • Motor Grader • Bulldozers Tractor
      • Wheel Loader • Backhoe Loader •Compactor • Roller • Forklift • Crane

Providing the following services:

      Sales Services
      Our Sales team will provide you with wide range of information (i.e. cost, machine’s performance, dependability) in order to help you to fine the suitable equipment for you to complete your job.

      Maintenance and Repair Services
      We provide a very good After Sales Services for our customers to meet their expectation whenever customer require.

      Rentals Services
      We offer a complete rental line, in addition to a large inventory of quality used equipment to fit with your selection in each project.

      Undoubtedly, Tiamtin Co., Ltd. was born to become your best solution if you need to buy heavy equipment to support your most valuable projects whether small or large construction business.


**Heavy Equipment List

Categories Brand Model   Categories Brand Model
Excavator Komatsu pc120-3 Wheel Loader Komatsu JH30
Excavator Komatsu pc120-5 Wheel Loader Komatsu JH60
Excavator Komatsu pc120-6 Wheel Loader Komatsu JH63
Excavator Komatsu pc200-5 Wheel Loader Komatsu SD20
Excavator Komatsu pc200-6 Wheel Loader Komatsu SD25
Excavator Komatsu pc200-7 Wheel Loader Komatsu 510
Excavator Komatsu pc200-8 Wheel Loader Komatsu 515
Excavator Komatsu pc300-3 Wheel Loader Komatsu 530
Excavator Komatsu pc300-5 Wheel Loader Komatsu 540
Excavator Komatsu pc300-6 Wheel Loader Komatsu WA120
Excavator Komatsu pc300-7 Wheel Loader Komatsu WA180
Excavator Komatsu pc300-8 Wheel Loader Komatsu WA320
Excavator Caterpillar 320 Wheel Loader Komatsu WA380
Excavator Caterpillar 320B Wheel Loader Komatsu WA470
Excavator Caterpillar 330 Wheel Loader Komatsu WA500
Excavator Caterpillar E200B Wheel Loader Caterpillar 950
Excavator Caterpillar E300B Wheel Loader Caterpillar 950B
Excavator Kobelco 907 Wheel Loader Caterpillar 950E
Excavator Kobelco SK200-3 Wheel Loader Caterpillar 950F
Excavator Kobelco SK200-5 Wheel Loader Caterpillar 966
Excavator Kobelco SK200-6 Wheel Loader Caterpillar 966C
Excavator Kobelco SK200-7 Wheel Loader Caterpillar 966D
Excavator Sumitomo SH200 Wheel Loader Caterpillar 966F
Wheel Excavator Komatsu pw60-1 Wheel Loader Caterpillar 980B
Wheel Excavator Komatsu pw-3 Wheel Loader Caterpillar 988B
Wheel Excavator Komatsu pw100-3 Backhoe Loader Komatsu WB93R-2
Wheel Excavator Komatsu pw150-1 Backhoe Loader Komatsu WB93R-5
Bulldozer Tractor Komatsu D41 Backhoe Loader Komatsu WB97S-2
Bulldozer Tractor Komatsu D50 Motor Grader Komatsu GD37
Bulldozer Tractor Komatsu D53 Motor Grader Komatsu GD505
Bulldozer Tractor Komatsu D58 Motor Grader Komatsu GD555
Bulldozer Tractor Komatsu D60 Motor Grader Komatsu GD600R
Bulldozer Tractor Komatsu D85 Motor Grader Komatsu GD611A
Bulldozer Tractor Komatsu D155 Motor Grader Komatsu GD623A
Bulldozer Tractor Caterpillar D3B Motor Grader Komatsu GD625A
Bulldozer Tractor Caterpillar D3C Motor Grader Komatsu GD600
Bulldozer Tractor Caterpillar D4B Motor Grader Komatsu GD705
Bulldozer Tractor Caterpillar D4E Motor Grader Caterpillar 12F
Bulldozer Tractor Caterpillar D4H Motor Grader Caterpillar 12G
Bulldozer Tractor Caterpillar D5B Motor Grader Caterpillar 120G
Bulldozer Tractor Caterpillar D5 Motor Grader Caterpillar 140G
Bulldozer Tractor Caterpillar D5H Motor Grader Caterpillar 14G
Bulldozer Tractor Caterpillar D6C Motor Grader Caterpillar 140H
Bulldozer Tractor Caterpillar D6D Motor Grader Mitsubishi MG3
Bulldozer Tractor Caterpillar D6H Motor Grader Mitsubishi MG300
Bulldozer Tractor Caterpillar D6M Motor Grader Mitsubishi MG430
Bulldozer Tractor Caterpillar D7F Motor Grader Mitsubishi MG431
Bulldozer Tractor Caterpillar D7G Motor Grader Mitsubishi MG500
Bulldozer Tractor Caterpillar D7H Motor Grader John Deere 770A
Bulldozer Tractor Caterpillar D8K Compactor Dynapac CA25D
Bulldozer Tractor Caterpillar D8L Compactor Dynapac CA251D
Bulldozer Tractor Hitashi DX175 Compactor Dynapac CC21
Forklift Komatsu FD20 Compactor Sakai SV91
Forklift Komatsu FD25 Compactor Sakai SV500
Forklift Komatsu FD30 Compactor Sakai SV500TF
Forklift Komatsu FD35 Compactor Bomag BW212-2
Forklift Komatsu FD40 Compactor Bomag BW211-3
Forklift Komatsu FD60 Tyre Roller Dynapac CP20W
Forklift Komatsu FG25 Tyre Roller Sakai TS7409
Forklift Komatsu FG35 Tyre Roller Sakai TS150
Forklift Komatsu FG45 Tyre Roller Sakai TS200
Forklift Toyota FD20 Tyre Roller Sakai T2
Forklift Toyota FD25 Miscellaneous : Truck, Dump truck, Concrete Mixer truck, Crane,...(Hino, Nissan,Volvo,Isuzu,Mitsubishi,) and
Forklift Toyota FD35
Forklift Toyota FG25
Forklift Toyota FG30
Forklift Toyota FG35
Forklift Tcm FD25
Forklift Tcm FD35


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